Birthday Presents That Last

Let’s face it, birthday parties are all about celebrating: a brand new age, a brand new year ahead – and for kids who choose to ECHOage their birthday, brand new special gifts they have been dreaming about all year long.

It gives us great pleasure to see the outcome of pooled resources and the wide selection of gifts kids of all ages are getting when they ECHOage their birthday party.

If you were ever concerned about how your child might react to getting one, two or three really special gifts instead of 20 not-so-special gifts, try these on for size and see if it makes your special little birthday bunny say, bring it on!

Drool-Worthy Birthday Gifts Chosen by Kids Having ECHOage Birthday Parties.
A camera, a scooter, art supplies, a basketball net, a bicycle, books, bubble machine, dance camp, Easy Bake Oven, an education, first bank account, globe, hamster, hockey jersey, an Ipad, Ipod, Itouch, Leapsgter games,Logo, money for a rainy day, Playmobil toys, pogo stick, power rangers, puppy, running shoes, riding lessons, rollerblades, room décor, skateboard, Star Wars toys, telephone, trampoline, tree house, tricycle, video games and much, much, more.

So what do we say about birthday gifts? We say, wrap ‘em up and give them with love, as a gift given from ALL of your friends is sure to last!

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