A Brand New E-Reader and $375 for Action Against Hunger for Finn’s 6th Birthday Bonanza.

Finn got an E-Reader and Action Against Hunger got $375

Finn and his friends had extreme fun at an indoor sports playground to usher in his 6th birthday party.

Finn chose to support Action Against Hunger because he “wanted to help people who didn’t have any food so they wouldn’t go hungry.”

Action Against Hunger’s vision is of a world without hunger. A world in which all children and adults have sufficient food and water, equitable access to the resources that sustain life, and are able to attain these with dignity.

Seems like at the young age of six, Finn is all about taking action! We are very proud of you Finn for turning your celebration into a birthday party that will keep on giving for years to come.

We would love to hear what is on your e-reading list this year. In fact, we would love for you to be our first ever kids book reviewer.   Share any e-book review you like with us simply by clicking on the comment box and we will share your thoughts with other young, generous readers and leaders.

Happy 6th Birthday Finn!

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