For Chiji’s 4th birthday, she got a big girl bike and Child Find of America got $225.

Chiji's 4th Birthday Party

Chiji had a face painting party with her friends to celebrate her 4th birthday.

After viewing the list of charities on the ECHOage website, Chiji chose to support Child Find of America.  In her words, “Oh yes, we should give them money so the Mommy’s and Daddy’s can bring their kids home. Every kid should be with their Mommy and Daddy.”

Outta the mouths of babes.

Chiji also expressed excitement for her gift choice.  “ I would like a big girl bike so my little sister can ride my bike.”  At four years of age, you are already a giving and generous soul, Chiji.

We are so proud to know that young girls like you are doing such positive and wonderful things in our world.

Chiji, we hope you have many exciting adventures exploring the world on your big girl bike.

Happy, happy, 4th birthday.

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