Raising money for Jays Care AND getting a John Tavares Jersey – now that’s a double play!

Supporting Jays Care Foundation

At his 10th birthday party, Kieron raised $212 for Jays Care Foundation and got a jersey that he had been dreaming about.

Kieron’s friends were jumping for joy (literally) at their Skyzone trampoline party as they felt great about helping Kieron both give and get something truly memorable.

In Kieron’s words, “I chose Jays Care Foundation because I love sports and I liked that Jays Care helps kids. I spent my money on a John Tavares jersey, because he is one of my favourite hockey players. I liked doing this for my birthday because I got money and I knew that I was helping a charity.

Kieron sends a special thank you to the Toronto Blue Jays for sending him this awesome Blue Jays hat. Certainly a gift to treasure.

We couldn’t be more proud of you Kieron for making a difference at such a young age.

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