Scoring Big Time

“When I was 8 months old, I had stomach surgery at the Montreal Children’s Hospital (MCH). My mom said that they were very nice to me and my family.” 
When Arden celebrated his 9th birthday, he wanted to do something really special by supporting children in Montreal that have illnesses. Enter ECHOage!
According to Arden’s mom, Andrea, ECHOage is a fantastic concept. “It gave Arden and his friends the opportunity to give back to a wonderful organization in our community. Donating funds to the MCH as a birthday gift allowed Arden to understand that giving is just as important as receiving on your birthday! We look forward to using ECHOage again for birthdays and other family events.”
On the receiving end, Arden chose a Ripstick, stakeboard and street goalie pads for his birthday gifts.  “I’m a big fan of skateboarding and street hockey. My favorite position in hockey is goaltender so I really wanted goalie pads. I really like the Ripstik because you can turn with it and you’re not just rolling flat like a regular skateboard.” Cool stuff!
I decided that for my birthday party my friends and I would play soccer and during the game I scored three goals! I was super happy at the end of the game.  My friends also scored a lot of goals so everyone had fun and it was a good party.”

Way to go Arden for scoring big this birthday! Happy Birthday from everyone at!

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