Montreal Spotlight: Sister Support!

There is something so special about sisters! Made even more special when they support not only each other but so many families in need as these two sisters did for their 6th and 8th birthdays.  Jessica and Talia’s ECHOage party benefitted En Famille, an initiative affiliated with the Jewish General Hospital dedicated to offering professional support and resources for young families to help meet the daily needs of parents who have been diagnosed with cancer.


The birthday celebration was a blast! The girls spent time with their friends at iSaute trampoline centre jumping for birthday joy! To make the celebration even sweeter, the girls chose to get new bicycles, just in time for spring! Their parents loved that in addition to receiving amazing new wheels, they understood that part of their birthday gift (close to $600!) was being used to help parents and kids going through really tough times.

ECHOage offered up the perfect mix of convenience, ease, speed, and lessons learned for these special sisters and their very appreciative working/pregnant mom!

We are so proud to count you among our ECHOage heroes! Happy birthday Jessica and Talia! You’ve got sister power!

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