Girls’ Trip to Disney: Classic Moments & Memories

I had the opportunity to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration recently. Packing up my whole crew to do Disney is way outta my league, so I picked my three favourite children to bring along with me (Ok, they’re not really my favourites, but it worked with their schedules).

On top of the event being just out-of-this-world amazing, hanging with my three girls was pretty special. I’ll tell ya what – those Disney folks sure know a thing or two about hospitality. I got a lot of laughs and kicks over many things, but here are a few worth mentioning:

  • My Independent Girls:

My three girls are 10, 12 and barely 14-years-old. While I attended the conference, the three of them went off with their maps and bus schedules and explored the Disney Parks completely on their own. They didn’t even have cell phones. They worked together, problem solved and made memories. I’d say that is the sign of a good holiday!

Girls exploring Disney

  • Magic Bands:

My kids are fascinated by the magic that is the Disney Magic Bands. A wrist band that gets them into hotel rooms, on rides and buys them food? Unthinkable! So impressed by this technology, they had to dissect and autopsy my Magic Band upon our return home. Results not yet in.

Magic Bands

  • The Other Conference Attendees:

In addition to hanging out with so many amazing bloggers and their families, there was a special moment for my 10-year-old daughter while we were riding on the Magical Express to our hotel.  She spotted the genius family of “Cute Girl Hairstyles” YouTube fame. I did a quick google search as my kid was freaking out, and yeah, they’re a pretty big deal. And not only do they do cool hairdos, the family is amazingly sweet and friendly.

Cute Girl Hairstyles Family

  • The Negative Nelly:

Every family has one, right? My “Negative Nelly” had a wonderful time, but I picked this as her all-time classic Disney Downer Quote:

“It’s so sad that all these people have to FAKE being happy because they work here”. I suggested that maybe they weren’t faking and she claimed it’s impossible to be happy all the time. She says she sniffed out a few fakes, and claims, “You have to look into their eyes and not at their smiles”. OK then.

  • Crashed Out Kids:

Nothing makes this mama happier than knowing her kids played hard. Here is the photographic evidence. The flight home looked like this:

Crashed Out Kids

Has your family done the trip to Disney yet? I was delighted to have gone to be a part of something as exciting as the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration.  I only hope to get invited again so I can bring my other favourite children!

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