Want the best ideas for birthday parties: Get Savvy!

We’ve always loved Savvymom.ca but lately we love them even more. At Savvy you’ll find endless ideas for moms on a mission, tips, tricks, feel good moments, and insider information. Jump around the site and you’ll find your place, that’s for sure. It’s a resource like no other if you’re a Canadian mom in pursuit of your passions. Savvy will lead you to the best ways to enjoy your kids more fully, spend more valuable time with your family and yes, of course, throw the best birthday party of the year.

SavvyMom and ECHOage

It was 2007 when ECHOage and SavvyMom first met. SavvyMom Co-Founder Sarah Morgenstern and ECHOage Co-Founder Debbie Zinman sat on the floor together at a mommy-toddler music class, with their two year old daughters climbing on them while they chatted. They got to talking about moms, babies and well, you know, great ideas that make life easier for families. ECHOage Co-Founder Alison Smith had met the amazing Co-Founders of SavvyMom, Minnow and Sarah, too, so their first coffee together involved smiles and nods, smiles and nods. The very first national article ever written about ECHOage appeared in SavvyMom in 2007.  And 10 years later, the kids are older, the moms are wiser (only a bit) and Heather Dixon highlights some of the fabulous kids who are the heart of ECHOage. You want chills up your spine? Read her post. And cheers to Sarah, Minnow, Ali and Deb. Women who were on a mission to make life better for moms. And they did. XOXO

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