Kaleb Hits a Home Run with Jays Care Foundation

Kaleb, age 6, raised $280 dollars for Jays Care Foundation and got an Xbox 360 at his recent ECHOage birthday party.

Celebrating with friends just got a whole lot more meaningful.   Hers’s why this young rookie chose to support Jays Care at his recent
ECHOage birthday party.  “I chose to support Jays Care because I love sports and I wanted to help more kids play sports and exercise is very important to kids.

With the generosity of his friends, Kaleb can now play baseball 365 days a year on his brand new Xbox.  Sounds like the experience of giving and getting at Kaleb’s ECHOage birthday was a home run!

Calling all baseball fans… Now you can make your next birthday party support Jays Care with our custom invitations: