For their birthdays, Ben got a drum set and Lily got a ukelele. Nourish America got $214.62.

Time well spent!

Ben and Lily are from Westchester, California.  They celebrated their birthday together with a rockin’ dance party.

Ben turned 5: “I want to help people to be healthy!” Lily turned 7: “I want to help people survive!”

Hey parents, you know your kids really don’t need 20-30 little gifts (wrapped and packaged)! Your guests really don’t need to run around to toy stores trying to guess what your child likes. With ECHOage your child gets to be in the driver’s seat. Choose your birthday gifts, choose your charity, choose to help others, choose to be proud of yourself, choose ECHOage. You’ll be amazed at what your child can do (okay, we admit it, you’ll also be pretty amazed at how much easier the whole birthday thing will be on you, too). ECHOage was built by two mothers.

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