For Shoshana’s 7th Beading Birthday Party, She Got Arts and Crafts and Children’s Peace Theatre Got $321!

Kids were invited to create a beading masterpiece at Shoshana’s beading birthday party.   We love seeing creativity in action.

Shoshana chose to support Children’s Peace Theatre because, “I looked through all of the different charities and it just seemed like the best fit.  I think Peace is great.  To me, peace means being kind to each other and caring for one another.”  We are so proud of you Shoshona for being a leader at such a young age.

The mission of Children’s Peace Theatre is to create a culture of peace by engaging children and youth in the practice of theatre and art.   By working and playing together in creating theatre, kids learn to transform conflict with creativity, courage, and compassion.

A standing ovation for you Shoshana for helping to bring peace and play and creativity to the lives of young children.  Bravo!

2 Comments on “For Shoshana’s 7th Beading Birthday Party, She Got Arts and Crafts and Children’s Peace Theatre Got $321!”

  1. Steven Bissell says:

    Dear Shoshana –

    Thank you so much for thinking of us and directing your donation to Children’s Peace Theatre.

    Steve Bissell
    Chairman – Board of Directors of Children’s Peace Theatre

  2. Susan Ryan says:

    Shoshana, we are so very happy that you felt Children’s Peace Theatre was the best fit for you!

    You are a very special young lady: wise, kind and generous. Bless you.

    You have won all our hearts!

    Warmest regards,
    Susan Ryan
    General Manager, Children’s Peace Theatre

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