ECHOage Loves Summer Camp

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ECHOage loves to support camp! The more camps we support, the happier we are each summer. Kids from across Canada and the U.S. who also love camp have chosen to help send even more kids to camp this summer simply by ECHOaging their birthday parties. As a result of these amazing ECHOage birthdays, children living with cancer, children with developmental disabilities, and children who are visually or hearing impaired will have a chance to experience the sunshine, canoeing, skiing, campfires, songs, spirit and friendship that makes camp so memorable.

One of the camps that ECHOage supports is Camp Awakening.  This amazing camp is full of kids with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and muscular dystrophy. Camp Awakening makes camp a place of freedom.  After all, camp really is a place for kids to unplug from the constant buzz of cell phones, computers and video games and have the chance to make genuine face-to-face connections, discover the wonders of nature, and challenge perceived limitations.

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Another camp that ECHOage supports is Lake Scugog Camp.  Some kids can’t go to camp because of their financial circumstances and the majority of Lake Scugog’s campers come from shelters, foster care, or families with limited financial means. Lake Scugog is a place where campers are able to feel no judgement, feel safe and have fun while experiencing the true joy that comes from swimming in a cool lake or eating a roasted marshmallow for the first time.

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View all of the camps ECHOage supports here: ECHOage Camps

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