For Clara’s 3rd birthday, she got a tree house and Project Linus got $227.00

No stopping this girl.  Already providing warmth and comfort at age three!

Image 2

Clara says she chose to support Project Linus, “Because children didn’t have blankies.” Clara adores the quilts made by her Great Great Grandmother and her Great Grandmother Imogene that she sleeps with every night. Her Grandma Imogene also makes quilts for the Linus Project. For her birthday, Clara wanted to help other children get their own “blankies.” Project Linus gives handmade blankets to ill and Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 3.46.48 PMtraumatized children that are in need of a little extra comfort. When we offered the choice between giving blankets or helping children who needed more food, Clara said, “Why can’t I do both?”  Clara’s Mom says she loves that Clara is learning about helping others – inspiring her generosity at such a young age.

Clara is getting a tree house in her backyard that her parents are building for her from new and reclaimed materials. Hopefully, it will be a little retreat for her for many years to come.

Happy birthday sweet Clara.  Your ECHO will certainly be heard far and wide.  Wishing you many
wonderful hours of dreaming up new ways to improve the world in your new tree house.

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