Generosity makes kids happier

ECHOage would like to thank Dr. Samantha Rodman, PhD, Clinical Psychologist and founder of for her fantastic article in the Huffington Post about ECHOage.  Much of what Samantha wrote resonates with all of us at ECHOage. See below and have a look at the full article. You’ll be impressed. Love ECHOage XO

When kids’ birthdays turn primarily into an occasion to receive new toys to clutter up the house, I think there is an opportunity lost.  Research shows that giving to others makes people happier than just buying new stuff, and this isn’t just true for adults.  Children can be exquisitely sensitive to the issues that others face who are less fortunate. This is why it is so important to model charitable behavior for our children.  If kids don’t learn the importance of giving back when they are young, it sets them up to be self-absorbed adults later in life.  So many of my clients struggle with feeling truly happy.  Despite what many of us learn from the media, true happiness doesn’t come from continuously accumulating more “stuff.” 

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