Thank you to The New Family

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ECHOage was so thrilled to be profiled in the The New Family: Modern Views On Family Life. We loved their piece: 7 Tips for a Less Commercial and More Meaningful Holiday. These tips apply all year round. We agree, a resounding: Yes! Thank you to The New Family, from ECHOage XO.

It’s fun to shower our children with toys. But when multiple sets of grandparents and other relatives are doing the same, it can add up to a crazy amount of presents that can leave us feeling a little queasy, especially when you consider that many people in the world aren’t lucky enough to have the funds for even a very basic holiday, let alone an extravagant one.

It’s time we start teaching our children that getting less and giving more is one of the foundations of a happy life.

Consider how powerful even a group of children can be when they decide to take a philanthropic approach to their birthdays.

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