Etsy and the Everything Mom

Shout out, kiss and hug to the Everything Mom from ECHOage. And Etsy is still one our favourite places to be. This one is from the archives but remains a true favourite. Thank you to Carrie Ann!

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 10.14.53 AM

ECHOage Parties offer a streamlined party planning approach, enabling you to send out electronic personalized invitations, track the guests who can or cannot make it, even send out thank you notes after the event. Plus there is a charitable aspect to these parties, where attendees contribute electronically towards a gift, a portion going to a charity of choice and the other portion going toward a gift the child really wants. As a parent of an attendee I love that I don’t have to shop for a gift (for something the child may not really want) and as a potential party throwing parent I love the collective birthday gift aspect tied into a charity.

A new partnership between ECHOage and Etsy means your party planning is even easier. Not only are the electronic invitations crafted by Etsy artists, you can also shop for your party needs from the various vendors online. There are just a few of the great party items I found for some of our favourite party themes (contains affiliate links):

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