It’s not nice to pick favourites…but have you checked out the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada?

With over 300 hundred ECHOage Charities, we don’t like to pick favourites. But when you learn about the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada and how Jessica, our hero of the day, has supported them for FOUR YEARS in a row, its hard not to fall in love.

In the words of our HERO OF THE DAY Jessica:
I love animals and they help to protect them. I like Jane Goodall because I grew up knowing about her. My Aunty Laura gave me a book called Me Jane and it shows that if you believe in something you can make a change in the world. Note from my Mom: This is the 4th year in a row Jessica has used ECHOage to support the Jane Goodall Institute for her birthday. 

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Every month ECHOage selects HEROES to be featured in our Hero of the Month Newsletter. Your children are part of a growing community of kids who made their birthday parties more meaningful. ECHOage is just that – A Better Way To Celebrate! Tell your friends you are are hero. You’ll inspire others to follow in your footsteps. Love ECHOage XO

Riley Rocks!

What a special girl! Riley is our hero of the day. At 6 years old this amazing girl knew how to celebrate. She chose Make-A-Wish Canada as the recipient for the funds she raised at her ECHOage party and she’s getting an iPad. She doesn’t have to share with her brother any more! Go Riley. We are all smiling for you. Love ECHOage XO

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Nuts for Nuts

Meet Julian. He’d like to eat peanut butter one day. But he has a severe nut allergy. This amazing 8 year old boy wants kids with allergies to have an easier time. Guess what, so do we! Julian chose Food Allergy Canada for his ECHOage party so kids with allergies will get to eat peanut butter one day! Julian, all of us at ECHOage are fighting for that day to come. Love ECHOage

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Kids Can Do More Than Adults Think

Ask any child in your life: “Can kids do more than adults think?” They will undoubtedly say: YES! Test it out and let us know the responses you get. We ask kids this question regularly … they always tell us: Yes, Yes, Yes! ECHOage is a great example of how much kids can do. Check out our HERO of the day: Matthew, age 8. He chose to support: POGO (The Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario). He wanted to ensure that families who are struggling with a child undergoing cancer treatment are supported. Matthew, our hats off to you. You are our hero.

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Hudson wants to make wishes come true

You’re never too young to make a difference. Meet Hudson. He’s 4 years old. But that doesn’t stop him. Hudson chose Make-A-Wish Canada for his ECHOage Party. When Hudson met a young boy at Disney Land who was there for his wish, he became inspired to help other children. What a generous leader! And our hero Hudson is quiet creative – he wants lego, a bird feeder so he can watch birders, and some art supplies. Hudson, today you are our special hero. Happy Birthday Hudson From ECHOage! XO

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Victoria, Michael Garron Hospital Foundation, and “the moustache”…

It’s true there are many stories on ECHOage that make us cry, laugh, sigh. This one is unique, and worth retelling, it made us all stop and say: “Wow”. In the words of Victoria’s mom Amy, here is the story:

We live in a great house in East York, just a few blocks from Michael Garron Hospital where Victoria was born. The hospital is also where Victoria was cared for after a recent fall at school. Victoria fell and hit her head. Paramedics were called and she and I rode in the ambulance together. Victoria was captivated by the paramedics, who made her feel safe when she was scared and hurt. One of them had a crazy moustache, which Victoria thought was just about the coolest thing ever. When it was time to plan her birthday, we talked about ECHOage. Victoria said she wanted to “help kids and babies where I was born, and where “the moustache” helped me when I fell”. One of Victoria’s classmates’ dad is a police officer. When he heard about Victoria’s generosity, he felt compelled to track down “the moustache”. He found him! And he was able to come to Victoria’s birthday party to say “thank you” in person for Victoria’s donation to the hospital. They even let Victoria and her friends explore the ambulance!

Victoria has spastic dilpegia, a type of cerebral palsy (CP). CP affects everyone differently. For Victoria, she has very tight muscles in her legs, which make it difficult to walk. She wears leg braces and uses a walker to get around. Recently, we have been borrowing a used ice sledge so that she can go on school skating trips at our local arena. For her birthday, she received her very own, made-just-for-her ice sledge.

Happy Birthday To Victoria from the whole team at ECHOage! You made us cry, laugh, sigh. We’ll all be thinking of you throughout the holiday season, of you, your amazing generosity, of “the moustache” and the ice sledge. Thank you Victoria and Amy. XOXO ECHOage

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Nicholas is a Hero

Nicholas has a heart for WWF and for wildlife. He would like to do whatever he can to rescue them from becoming extinct. He has a special place in his heart for the Bengal Tigers and would really like to make people aware of their endangered status and how important it is to help them. Thanks to all his friends who contributed to WWF and helped Nicholas get the new Pokemon game. Nicholas really appreciates your help.

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