We Feel Love. Meet Macy

Macy is 2 years old. You’re never too young to make a difference in the world, this we know. Macy shows us how. For her birthday she supported Save A Child’s Heart. This charity has been a long time partner of ECHOage and we never get tired of telling the story of this extraordinary cause. See for yourself. And feel the love for Macy, for SACH, and for kids who can change the world.

In the words of Macy’s Mom:

“The funds raised at Macy’s party for her gift will be used for Macy’s future which we hope will be filled with lots of fun times and amazing memories.”

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Macy supported Save A Child’s Heart

Since today is about LOVE

When you work together for over 10 years, there’s a lot of love. On Valentines Day we give our warmest hugs to WWF Canada. Thank you for all the wonderful years of celebrating children and their love for animals on ECHOage.

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We LOVE our partner – World Wildlife Fund Canada

Exceptional Ellette – Eight years old and feeding children around the world.

Ellette is 8. She wants to be the kind of person who helps other children. She already had a big impact.

Ellette chose Action Against Hunger Canada to be the recipient of half the funds raised at her ECHOage party. In her words:

“It makes me really sad that some kids don’t have any food and I really wanted to help them. All kids should have good, healthy food.”

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Eight Year Old Ellette is Exceptional

Want the best ideas for birthday parties: Get Savvy!

We’ve always loved Savvymom.ca but lately we love them even more. At Savvy you’ll find endless ideas for moms on a mission, tips, tricks, feel good moments, and insider information. Jump around the site and you’ll find your place, that’s for sure. It’s a resource like no other if you’re a Canadian mom in pursuit of your passions. Savvy will lead you to the best ways to enjoy your kids more fully, spend more valuable time with your family and yes, of course, throw the best birthday party of the year.

Every child has a Right To Play. Ask Jasper.

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Jasper cares. He cares about kids who live all over the world and want to play. He chose Right To Play Canada and we’d like to share his reasons with you. In his own words:

“I chose Right To Play Canada because my birthday is near the olympics and my dad told me that they do a lot of stuff with and for the olympics for kids who can’t normally play.”

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A 3 year old girl with the wisdom of ages

Gemma is 3 years old. She chose The p.i.n.e. project for her ECHOage charity and she got a trampoline.

The p.i.n.e. project’s mission is to build healthy communities deeply connected to the natural environment.

To achieve this they deliver programs focused on building relationships between self, others, and the environment. Using music, drama, storytelling, naturalist studies, stewardship, survival skills, outdoor adventures, intergenerational learning, games, and play they weave a “culture of nature connection”. This empowers their mantra: be more, need less.

Sweet Gemma chose this amazing cause. In her words:

“I chose this charity because the pine project lets kids be in nature.”

Gemma is our hero. She’s a hero today, and she’s a hero for our future. Nature is where kids should be. This 3 year old knows.

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All Hands In The Air For Hali

For her ECHOage party Hali wanted to ensure that wildlife would be protected.

She chose from over 200 Canadian charities and landed on our wonderful partner: World Wildlife Fund.

In the words of 5 year old Hali:

“I want to help polar bears and other animals be safe and not let bad guys get them and make sure they get lots of food so they can be around for a really long time.”

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Mario Chose Wisely

Ever meet a child that makes you pause? We meet a lot of those kids.

Mario is that child. This 3 year old boy (yes, he’s 3, and cares about others) chose Because I Am A Girl as his ECHOage charity. Why? Mario say: “Because all humans need to have the same rights.” Yes, he’s only 3. We swear. ECHOage is a labour of love in more ways than one…

Kids Can Do So Much More Than Adults Think.


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Our Amazing Hero Mario

Once a reader, always a reader.

The Toronto Public Library Foundation is an ECHOage Partner. Did you know that there are many libraries and schools on the ECHOage list of charitable partners?

Maddy chose to support TPLF at her ECHOage party. She is our hero. We are sure you can tell why.

In the words of her mom:

Maddy and I love our local library and enjoy reading books.

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Meet a uniquely inspiring kid: Darwin.

What a boy! Darwin. A boy on a mission. A boy with wisdom. Darwin chose to support SickKids at his ECHOage Birthday. In his own words:

I care about people and people are good. You have to help people who are sick so they get better.

And Darwin chose some pretty unique gifts:

Why I chose a Toronto Zoo Ticket and Karate Class as my gifts?

Because I care about animals and nature, and its good to care about animals and nature.

Darwin is our hero.



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