Hudson wants to make wishes come true

You’re never too young to make a difference. Meet Hudson. He’s 4 years old. But that doesn’t stop him. Hudson chose Make-A-Wish Canada for his ECHOage Party. When Hudson met a young boy at Disney Land who was there for his wish, he became inspired to help other children. What a generous leader! And our hero Hudson is quiet creative – he wants lego, a bird feeder so he can watch birders, and some art supplies. Hudson, today you are our special hero. Happy Birthday Hudson From ECHOage! XO

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Christmas just got better

As excited as we are in the days leading up to Christmas, we just got a little more thrilled. Matty is pretty amazing. He’s only 7 years old and an ECHOage Hero! This generous boy chose SickKids to benefit from his ECHOage party because he wanted to help kids to be happy at Christmas, and help the hospital staff help the kids. Matty got an amazing gift too! He loves Bey Blades because they can spin really fast and they burst a lot. Follow in Matty’s footsteps. Book your ECHOage Party today – it’s a better way to celebrate.


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A little sunshine for your day – Brielle

It’s amazing what kids can do. Brielle turned 11. And she made sure it was special. Brielle chose World Wildlife Fund to support at her ECHOage party. In her words:

“I picked WWF Canada because I love animals and I want to make sure the animals are looked after.”

As for her birthday gifts, Brielle asked for a new Cheer bag because she is a competitive cheer athlete and she needed a backpack to carry her things. Books are Brielle’s first love and she can never have too many.

Brielle is our hero.

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Victoria, Michael Garron Hospital Foundation, and “the moustache”…

It’s true there are many stories on ECHOage that make us cry, laugh, sigh. This one is unique, and worth retelling, it made us all stop and say: “Wow”. In the words of Victoria’s mom Amy, here is the story:

We live in a great house in East York, just a few blocks from Michael Garron Hospital where Victoria was born. The hospital is also where Victoria was cared for after a recent fall at school. Victoria fell and hit her head. Paramedics were called and she and I rode in the ambulance together. Victoria was captivated by the paramedics, who made her feel safe when she was scared and hurt. One of them had a crazy moustache, which Victoria thought was just about the coolest thing ever. When it was time to plan her birthday, we talked about ECHOage. Victoria said she wanted to “help kids and babies where I was born, and where “the moustache” helped me when I fell”. One of Victoria’s classmates’ dad is a police officer. When he heard about Victoria’s generosity, he felt compelled to track down “the moustache”. He found him! And he was able to come to Victoria’s birthday party to say “thank you” in person for Victoria’s donation to the hospital. They even let Victoria and her friends explore the ambulance!

Victoria has spastic dilpegia, a type of cerebral palsy (CP). CP affects everyone differently. For Victoria, she has very tight muscles in her legs, which make it difficult to walk. She wears leg braces and uses a walker to get around. Recently, we have been borrowing a used ice sledge so that she can go on school skating trips at our local arena. For her birthday, she received her very own, made-just-for-her ice sledge.

Happy Birthday To Victoria from the whole team at ECHOage! You made us cry, laugh, sigh. We’ll all be thinking of you throughout the holiday season, of you, your amazing generosity, of “the moustache” and the ice sledge. Thank you Victoria and Amy. XOXO ECHOage

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SavvyMom and ECHOage

It was 2007 when ECHOage and SavvyMom first met. SavvyMom Co-Founder Sarah Morgenstern and ECHOage Co-Founder Debbie Zinman sat on the floor together at a mommy-toddler music class, with their two year old daughters climbing on them while they chatted. They got to talking about moms, babies and well, you know, great ideas that make life easier for families. ECHOage Co-Founder Alison Smith had met the amazing Co-Founders of SavvyMom, Minnow and Sarah, too, so their first coffee together involved smiles and nods, smiles and nods. The very first national article ever written about ECHOage appeared in SavvyMom in 2007.  And 10 years later, the kids are older, the moms are wiser (only a bit) and Heather Dixon highlights some of the fabulous kids who are the heart of ECHOage. You want chills up your spine? Read her post. And cheers to Sarah, Minnow, Ali and Deb. Women who were on a mission to make life better for moms. And they did. XOXO

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Meet Gabriella. Our Hero. An Amazing 6 Year Old Girl

Gabriella chose WWF for her ECHOage party because she love animals and she wants to help them to get the medication they need if they are ill. She also hopes to get a puppy for her 6th birthday! She did this all at age 6. ECHOage – A Better Way To Celebrate.

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For her 10th birthday, Amanda got craft supplies and the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada got $72.50!

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When we think of the reasons why we are most proud of ECHOage, children like Amanda come to mind.  This girl made turning 10 extra special, and she did it so easily with ECHOage.  At 10 years old, Amanda loves to sew and make jewellery.  It is her hobby and she really enjoys making things for other people.  She chose sewing and jewellery supplies for her birthday because she will need more supplies in order to make more fabulous designs.  But that is not all…Amanda chose to support the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada because her grandmother has had Crohn’s since she was a little girl.  In Amanda’s words: “I want to make sure that anyone else who has Crohn’s gets good treatment like my grandmother has.” Happy Birthday special girl! You have made our day, and you will certainly inspire many other children to follow in your footsteps. Thank you, Amanda!

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For her birthday, Avital got a Tablet and Child Find of America got $110.00!

Avital 7th BirthdayWhat an amazing girl! Avital chose to support Child Find of America because she wanted all the children of America to be found (if they were lost) and to be able to go back to their parents. In her words: “I would hate it if I were lost and nobody found me.”  She chose a Tablet for her gift because everyone else in her house could play games and text their friends but she couldn’t. Again, in her words: “I wanted to be able to text my friends and play the same games they are playing.” The best thing about her party? Swimming with her friends.  Happy Birthday from all of us at ECHOage to an amazing girl.
Avital's 7th birthday

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Jaymee’s FIRST birthday bash gave kids in hospital hope. Now that is something to celebrate!

Before she could even say “birthday cake” Jaymee has already raised $390 for the Montreal Children’s Hospital.  This wee little one is leading by example and shaping the next generation of giving kids.

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For her first birthday, Jaymee (and her family) chose to support the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Jaymee’s mom explains the motivation for choosing the hospital as their charity of choice. “The hospital does so much to help children of all ages every single day and we wanted to help them continue their high standard of care in any way we could. At 10 months of age, we had to bring Jaymee to the children’s hospital. Thank goodness everything turned out okay but she was very well taken care of so we wanted to thank them in this way.”Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 1.59.45 PM

For Jaymee’s gift she will be getting an outdoor playground and can’t wait to play in it this summer with her big sister Gabrielle!

Jaymee, your ECHO, at age one will certainly have positive impact, far and wide.

Happy, happy birthday!

For Jamie’s 8th birthday he got Wii games and a baseball mitt and Rethink Breast Cancer got $65.00!

Jamie supported Rethink Breast Cancer
Jamie is our hero!

Here is an eight-year-old boy who thinks about his grandmothers, and how he can help them.  He chose to support Rethink Breast Cancer at his recent ECHOage birthday party because he wants his grandmothers to be healthy and enjoy their lives. One of Jamie’s grandmother’s died of breast cancer before he was born. Jamie chose to honor her memory at his party.

He also got to choose his birthday gifts – he got Wii games and a new baseball mitt.  Jamie said he liked this more than getting lots of different birthday presents because he could choose his own games and the style of baseball mitt.  When asked about the best part of his birthday, Jamie said: “The best part of my birthday was playing with my friends and having fun together!”  Happy Birthday, Jamie! Our hats are off to you.Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 4.50.45 PM