For their birthday, brothers Justin and Nathan got fantastic gifts, and The Association to Benefit Children got $255.

Brother get new toys and raised 255 for The Association to Benefit Children

Brothers celebrating together.

These brothers from Virginia are back! How exciting to see them turn 8 this year and ECHOage their birthday party once again! This time they chose The Association to Benefit Children because, in their words, “we really wanted to help other kids!”  They bought action figures, Exploderz, and Robert Griffin III Jerseys with their birthday money.  Lisa, their Mom, says: “We are proud of them, and we love that they are learning to give to others.” Happy Birthday Justin and Nathan!  Those jerseys will look so good on you!

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For their birthday, Justin got Bey Blades and Nathan got Spy Toys. Nourish America got $172.12.

Laser Tag and ECHOage in Leesburg, Virginia

Twin brothers know how to make the most of their birthday. When Justin and Nathan turned 7 this year they got the birthday gifts they really wanted. Justin wanted Beyblades so he could have beyblade battles with his Dad. Nathan wanted spy toys because he is training to be a spy. The boys wanted all their friends to come and play laser tag with them, too! And because they used ECHOage, the boys raised over $170.00 for Nourish America making a big impact, at such a young age. “We wanted to help people,” said the brothers. Moms and Dads, we know what you are thinking: Is it really that easy? Can kids really get to choose fantastic birthday gifts for themselves AND give funds away to children in need? Yes. It is. Try ECHOage with your kids and tell us how easy it was for them, too.