About all of us

ECHOage is about all of us busy moms and dads who’d prefer to spend time with our kids on the weekends instead of out searching for birthday gifts – again.

It’s about parents like us, who’d prefer to see their kids receive one or two really meaningful, lasting gifts for their birthdays – stuff they’ve been dreaming about, like a new bike, an ipod, a doll house or maybe even a trip – instead of the yearly birthday bounty gone lost, forgotten, destroyed or – dare we say – regifted.

It’s about all of us who believe in making our kids feel extra special on their birthdays, but would jump at the chance to inspire compassion and generosity in them at the same time – if only it were that simple.

It’s about all of us who have made that leap since discovering that it is that simple with ECHOage.

It’s about all of us who are hooked (or will be!) on our multitasking birthday party solution that makes giving and getting equally rewarding to all of our children.

And let’s face, it’s about all of us parents who want less to do and more to celebrate.

At ECHOage, we are modernizing the birthday party experience for both hosts and guests– replacing wasted time, money and gifts with that oh-so gratifying feeling of being a really good parent to really great kids.  No compromise (or batteries) required.

One Comment on “About all of us”

  1. Shompa Akter says:

    Littlest Pet Shop Invitations birthday invitations Printable Invitations diy Invitations Children custom Invitations


    After purchasing, add the following information in the “”notes to seller”” section at checkout:

    – Child’s name
    – Age they are turning
    – Party Information (including date, time, location)
    – RSVP info
    – Please e-mail the photo to us at aviwal88 [at] gmail.com

    You will receive one PRINTABLE digital file for printing at home, emailing to friends and family or uploading to a professional printer.

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