Meet Emily

What do wetsuits, clubhouses and cosmic bowling all have in common?

Meet Emily.  She just turned 9.  And she and her friends had the best time bowling.  No shortage of fun at this birthday party.  Yet, behind the balloons, the bowling balls and the birthday cake, Emily was helping a little boys birthday wish come true.

“My name is Jesse and I am sick.  I wished for a “cool” clubhouse and Emily, ECHOage and Make-A-Wish helped to make my dream come true!  Every time I’m in my clubhouse I’m happy. Thanks for helping make other kids’ wishes, just like mine, come true!

If granting wishes and cosmic bowling isn’t party enough, Emily also received a wetsuit from all of her friends.  A gift she has been dreaming of getting – made possible – by her friends and family who contributed to her celebration.

Emily shared with us why she chose to support Make-A-Wish for her ECHOage birthday party.

“I chose Make-A-Wish because I thought it would be nice to let sick kids make a special wish and get to do something they really want to do, have some fun and make them feel better and happy!”

Our birthday wish is that the world is filled with more young leaders like Emily!

2 Comments on “Meet Emily”

  1. Lori & Jeff says:

    We are so proud of you, Emily, and all the other young kids like you who are helping make wishes come true through ECHOage birthday parties. xox

  2. Thank you for support Make-A-Wish and our magical wish granting mission!

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