Sisters share a Birthday Party and give together

Sisters celebrating together with ECHOage

They shared their birthday party, chose the same great birthday gifts for themselves, and raised funds for Kids In Distressed Situations – all with ECHOage!

What could make a parent smile more than seeing their children share? These two amazing little girls from Sherman Oaks, California – Julia and Lucy – decided to make their birthday party into something very special this year. They each chose their gifts – Build A Bear! And they each chose a charity – Kids In Distressed Situations. Julia and Lucy – at ages 6 and 3 – believe that children in need could really use their help. They both wanted to make sure that children who are sad, or in need of food, clothing or shelter, would receive some love from them. They both wanted a Build A Bear for their birthday gift because “they are so cozy!” We know that the parents of Julia and Lucy are smiling from ear to ear just watching their children celebrate together but we have to say: here at ECHOage, we are all smiling, too. Look what two sisters can do!

ECHOage congratulates these two leaders for showing all their friends how easy it is to host an ECHOage party, get the gifts you really want, and give to a charity who needs your help. What better way to turn 6, and 3? Happy Birthday Julia and Lucy! You make us all proud.

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