ECHOage heads to the Big Apple!

Stina Hamlin, a local NYC mom of a 6yr old girl and 2yr old boy, is heading up the New York office.  A career television producer and long-time user of ECHOage, Stina approached co-founders, Debbie Zinman and Alison Smith, to head up a U.S. branch in New York City.   The result is an exciting collaboration that brings ECHOage’s joy of giving AND celebrating to America!  Stina’s experience in marketing, creative content production, and her status as one of the early adopters of ECHOage in Los Angeles, and now New York City, adds her expertise and enthusiasm to the ECHOage team.  “I am ecstatic about being a part of a company and philosophy in which I truly believe.  I have used ECHOage for my children’s parties for 6 years and have raised almost $2000 for charities they chose teaching them valuable life lessons while having fun.  I am looking forward to expanding the ECHOage mission in the U.S. and NYC!” says Stina Hamlin of ECHOage NY.


Photo Credit: Toki Lee Photography –

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