For Ethan’s 9th birthday he got an electric scooter and helmet and Autism Speaks got $450!

You spoke Ethan, and your family and friends listened, and took action.  They rallied around and helped you to support a cause near and dear to your heart.  A community united makes for a powerful and memorable birthday party.

Ethan’s birthday party in support of Autism Speaks.

In his own words, Ethan shares his passion for helping to find the missing pieces of the Autistic puzzle…

“I chose to support Autism Speaks because my uncle Matt, who is one of my best friends was born with Autism.  So many kids are born with Autism and I want to help Dr.’s find out why and find a cure.  This was the best party of my life.  All kids should give to a charity.  It felt so good to raise $450.00 and I love my electric scooter!”

Ethan’s ECHOage Award!

Ethan, at nine years of age, you have already made contributions that will last a lifetime.  A loving nephew, a young leader and a creative soul.

The beat goes on thanks to you and your generous spirit.

Enjoy your electric scooter and a giant 9th Happy Birthday to you, Ethan!

For Saahil’s 2nd birthday he fed hungry children and got a backyard play space to call his own.

Saahil’s parents wanted to give their two year old son the biggest gift of all – the opportunity to experience how good it feels to help others.

A breakfast volunteer from Eel Ground First Nation School shares a bit about Canadian Feed the Children and how Saahil and others like him are making such a big difference.

“The breakfast program has made a huge impact on our school and community. I cannot imagine working with these children every day without the breakfast program to help them through the day. Now, the children not only look forward to attending school but are much better prepared physically and mentally to challenge the rigors of the school day. Thank you once again for your invaluable contribution to our children’s future.”

There was not shortage of outdoor fun and friendship at this birthday party.  Saahil, we thank you and your family for sharing your birthday celebration with us and for inspiring other little people to get the gift of their dreams while helping a charity in need.

Happy 2nd birthday Saahil.  We are so proud of you!