For Abby’s 8th Birthday, Because I Am A Girl got $110 and She Got a Bounty of New Books.

We love to hear about new birthday party themes.  And Abby’s certainly takes the cake.  Butterflies were the main event at this party. They played butterfly games – wrapping girls up in paper cocoons having them race to emerge as butterflies, they ate butterfly cookies and even had a butterfly scavenger hunt. Creativity at its finest.

Making a difference at age 8!

8 year old Abby said, “I chose to support Because I Am A Girl because I think girls should have the same rights as boys all over the world, and not just in certain places.”  Abby, we couldn’t agree any more.  And we are thrilled that you chose to share your thoughts about this with friends and family on your special day.

Abby loves to read.  Anything and everything! With her funds raised at her birthday party, Abby is going to buy a whole new bounty of books. We can’t think of a better gift for this beautiful butterfly.

Did you know October 11th is International Day of the Child Girl?  It only takes ONE girl to change the word. Thank you Abby for making a difference at such a young age.

Brilliant Birthday Boy – A Lego Hogwarts Castle for Ethan, and $165.00 for Make-A-Wish.

Happy Birthday Ethan!

Nothing beats feeling proud of yourself, especially for children.  Ethan turned 6 and made sure that other children would benefit from his birthday. He spent a long time looking through the list of 120 charities and schools on the ECHOage site, and insisted on Make-A-Wish Foundation. His mom told us that: “Ethan feels badly that some kids are so busy going to doctors appointments,” and he wanted to raise funds to buy something for them to play with while in hospital. Ethan’s contribution will help buy fantastic toys for children in hospitals. Ethan LOVES Harry Potter, and he has wanted the big Lego Hogwarts Castle for some time.  What an amazing boy you are Ethan!  Turning 6, celebrating, giving, and doing what you love.  Everyone at ECHOage is smiling today because of you.

Birthday Bliss – A scooter for Lily and new funding for WWF.

This year Lily turned 6.  She celebrated with her 4th ECHOage party!  Talk about commitment. This amazing girl comes back and chooses a different charity, and a different gift, each year.  “I chose WWF this year because I love animals and nature and I wanted to protect the world and the animals, especially dolphins,” said Lily about her generous $153.00 contribution.  She told us that she loves to go fast on her brand new scooter, and she wanted a Razor because: “I want to be like a big kid.” Lily, everyone at ECHOage thinks you are big, kind and something special.  We see you come back every year, and we see that as you grow, you grow more aware of the world around you.  You gave a meaningful gift to us, just by how you celebrated, so thank you Lily.  And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET GIRL!

The Triple Crown Birthday Party – Horseback riding lessons, saving animals and a love of nature.

After spending a summer getting to meet and see lots of different animals at camp, through her travels with her family and many visits to the Zoo, Isabel felt really strongly about wanting to help animals. “I love animals and I wanted to help them so they don’t disappear”

For her 7th birthday, Isabel will be getting Riding Lessons and WWF will be getting $215.  We can’t think of a better gift for Isabel to get from all of her friends.

Isabel starts horseback riding lessons for the fall next week. She fell in love with riding while away with her family in Banff National Park this summer (seeing lots of animals – bears, elk, deer, mountain goats).  She is most excited about “learning how to take care of a horse and brushing it”

Happy 7th birthday Isabel. 

For her birthday, Grace got new headphones and The Children’s Oncology Camping Association got $385.00!

Grace got Beats by Dre for her Birthday

Grace is from Deerfield, Illinois. She just turned 8. She celebrated her birthday with all her friends who got to watch a fabulous magic show. Her favorite part of the party was watching the magician put needles in a balloon! In this photo she is holding up her ECHOage award. Grace raised $385.00 for The Children’s Oncology Camping Association, International AND got Beats By Dre Headphones for herself. She chose to support COCA-I because she likes camp and she wanted children who have cancer to get the chance to go to camp, too. Grace, we all want to follow in your footsteps. Everyone at ECHOage wishes Grace a very happy 8th birthday. We can’t wait to see what Grace does when she turns 9…

For his birthday, Grant got an Itouch. Kids In Distressed Situations got $207.50.

Grant turned 6 at his Lazer Quest birthday party this summer. He is from Midlothian, Virginia and he knows how to celebrate. He chose to get an Itouch because: “I don’t have any of my own electronics. I usually have to borrow my Mom or my Dad’s.” He chose to support Kids In Distressed Situations because: “there are kids with little food, and little water, and not even a place to sleep.”

Everyone at ECHOage wishes Grant a very big Happy 6th Birthday! Grant, we feel you are a true example of the words we live by: you’re never too small to make a big impact.

For their birthdays, Ben got a drum set and Lily got a ukelele. Nourish America got $214.62.

Time well spent!

Ben and Lily are from Westchester, California.  They celebrated their birthday together with a rockin’ dance party.

Ben turned 5: “I want to help people to be healthy!” Lily turned 7: “I want to help people survive!”

Hey parents, you know your kids really don’t need 20-30 little gifts (wrapped and packaged)! Your guests really don’t need to run around to toy stores trying to guess what your child likes. With ECHOage your child gets to be in the driver’s seat. Choose your birthday gifts, choose your charity, choose to help others, choose to be proud of yourself, choose ECHOage. You’ll be amazed at what your child can do (okay, we admit it, you’ll also be pretty amazed at how much easier the whole birthday thing will be on you, too). ECHOage was built by two mothers.

For their birthday, Justin got Bey Blades and Nathan got Spy Toys. Nourish America got $172.12.

Laser Tag and ECHOage in Leesburg, Virginia

Twin brothers know how to make the most of their birthday. When Justin and Nathan turned 7 this year they got the birthday gifts they really wanted. Justin wanted Beyblades so he could have beyblade battles with his Dad. Nathan wanted spy toys because he is training to be a spy. The boys wanted all their friends to come and play laser tag with them, too! And because they used ECHOage, the boys raised over $170.00 for Nourish America making a big impact, at such a young age. “We wanted to help people,” said the brothers. Moms and Dads, we know what you are thinking: Is it really that easy? Can kids really get to choose fantastic birthday gifts for themselves AND give funds away to children in need? Yes. It is. Try ECHOage with your kids and tell us how easy it was for them, too.

House Proud at 4!

Little Lila leads the way with acceptance, love and brand new dollhouse to call her own.
Lila raised over $200 for Autism Speaks at the ripe old age of 4. She chose to support Autism Speaks as she has a cousin with autism and wanted to help. Lorri (Lila’s Mom) says that ECHOage provided another opportunity to continue the dialogue about acceptance of others who may act, behave or communicate differently than she does.
Not only are we proud of Lila but Redbook magazine chose to highlight her in their summer issue. Way to go Lila!

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Birthday Love – More Sisters Celebrating Together

Oviedo, Florida – Vivian and Audrey’s ECHOage Birthday Party

Every parent knows how this moment feels. Siblings, sisters, sharing a cake, a party, a theme, their day, just being together and doing something meaningful. With ECHOage, these two sweet sisters sure did show us what goodness they could bring into the world. Together they raised funds for their birthday gifts: each got a new mountain bike, with gears! And together they raised funds for The Association to Benefit Children, “because we knew that children who are poor, or were sad, needed food and more love.” At ECHOage we are not surprised by the generosity of children like Vivian and Audrey. We see it everyday. What better way to celebrate a birthday, turn a new age, and show your parents and friends what you are really made of.