Once a reader, always a reader.

The Toronto Public Library Foundation is an ECHOage Partner. Did you know that there are many libraries and schools on the ECHOage list of charitable partners?

Maddy chose to support TPLF at her ECHOage party. She is our hero. We are sure you can tell why.

In the words of her mom:

Maddy and I love our local library and enjoy reading books.

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It’s not nice to pick favourites…but have you checked out the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada?

With over 300 hundred ECHOage Charities, we don’t like to pick favourites. But when you learn about the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada and how Jessica, our hero of the day, has supported them for FOUR YEARS in a row, its hard not to fall in love.

In the words of our HERO OF THE DAY Jessica:
I love animals and they help to protect them. I like Jane Goodall because I grew up knowing about her. My Aunty Laura gave me a book called Me Jane and it shows that if you believe in something you can make a change in the world. Note from my Mom: This is the 4th year in a row Jessica has used ECHOage to support the Jane Goodall Institute for her birthday. 

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Roohi is our hero…this is why we love ECHOage

Roohi is our hero. We are all very touched by her words and she represents everything we love about ECHOage.

Roohi celebrated her 12th birthday with ECHOage and supported the Canadian Cancer Society and got lots of books. In her own words:

It is my strongest desire to see cancer eradicated. I have seen firsthand the effect is has on the person afflicted with it, AND their family and friends. I lost my maternal grandmother to it, and I don’t want anyone else to be lost to this monster. One day, I will be able to word directly towards making the world cancer-free. Until then, I will do my best to support the people who are already working towards this same aim.

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Thank you to The New Family

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ECHOage was so thrilled to be profiled in the The New Family: Modern Views On Family Life. We loved their piece: 7 Tips for a Less Commercial and More Meaningful Holiday. These tips apply all year round. We agree, a resounding: Yes! Thank you to The New Family, from ECHOage XO.

It’s fun to shower our children with toys. But when multiple sets of grandparents and other relatives are doing the same, it can add up to a crazy amount of presents that can leave us feeling a little queasy, especially when you consider that many people in the world aren’t lucky enough to have the funds for even a very basic holiday, let alone an extravagant one.

It’s time we start teaching our children that getting less and giving more is one of the foundations of a happy life.

Consider how powerful even a group of children can be when they decide to take a philanthropic approach to their birthdays.

Generosity makes kids happier

ECHOage would like to thank Dr. Samantha Rodman, PhD, Clinical Psychologist and founder of DrPsychMom.com for her fantastic article in the Huffington Post about ECHOage.  Much of what Samantha wrote resonates with all of us at ECHOage. See below and have a look at the full article. You’ll be impressed. Love ECHOage XO

When kids’ birthdays turn primarily into an occasion to receive new toys to clutter up the house, I think there is an opportunity lost.  Research shows that giving to others makes people happier than just buying new stuff, and this isn’t just true for adults.  Children can be exquisitely sensitive to the issues that others face who are less fortunate. This is why it is so important to model charitable behavior for our children.  If kids don’t learn the importance of giving back when they are young, it sets them up to be self-absorbed adults later in life.  So many of my clients struggle with feeling truly happy.  Despite what many of us learn from the media, true happiness doesn’t come from continuously accumulating more “stuff.” 

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Chloe thinks about other kids

During Christmas time, Chloe received a lot of treats from her grandmas. She asked her mom: “What happens to children who don’t have any grandmas? How do they get treats?” So Chloe and her mom found an organization that focuses on less fortunate children, helping them get ‘treats’ or ‘wishes’ too. Make-A-Wish Canada got new funds donated to them from Chloe Kim’s 9th Birthday. Thank you Chloe. You inspire us and surely your actions will inspire others. Happy Birthday to an amazing girl. Love ECHOage XOXO

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Today we celebrate Chloe Isabelle

Chloe makes us smile. She also brings a few tears to our eyes. At 9 years old this amazing girl knows how to celebrate. She hosted an ECHOage party for her friends in support of World Animal Protection because she loves animals and wants to protect them.

In her own words Chloe says: “I don’t want animals to get hurt by humans. Animals are more than what they look like, they are beautiful and have an amazing soul.”

See, kids can do so much more than adults think. Ask any child. Ask a child like Chloe. You’ll see. Thank you Chloe for being our hero. Love ECHOage XOXO

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It’s easy to be inspired by ECHOage. Look at our Hero Wall any day of the week and you’ll see why. It’s kids like Ahmad! He had an ECHOage party when he turned 10. In the words of his mom: “Celebrating A Decade of Ahmad!” — and what better way to celebrate than to help kids who have cancer.

In the words of Ahmad: I chose: CancerFree Kids because my friend E got cancer and I wants to help all people with cancer.

Ahmad, you’ve got us in tears, and hugging, and smiling. Wow. We salute you. Love ECHOage XOXO

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Every month ECHOage selects HEROES to be featured in our Hero of the Month Newsletter. Your children are part of a growing community of kids who made their birthday parties more meaningful. ECHOage is just that – A Better Way To Celebrate! Tell your friends you are are hero. You’ll inspire others to follow in your footsteps. Love ECHOage XO

Riley Rocks!

What a special girl! Riley is our hero of the day. At 6 years old this amazing girl knew how to celebrate. She chose Make-A-Wish Canada as the recipient for the funds she raised at her ECHOage party and she’s getting an iPad. She doesn’t have to share with her brother any more! Go Riley. We are all smiling for you. Love ECHOage XO

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